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A baby goose is called a gosling and is the product of a female goose and a male gander. The term "goose" refers to both genders of various ages, and "geese" is the collective term.


A baby or young goose is called a gosling. The name "gosling" applies to all baby geese, regardless of their gender or the type of goose from which they come. The name no longer applies once they have flight feathers.


A male goose is called a "gander," and multiple birds are called "geese," according to Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology. The goose species is well known in Canada where the animal originated.


A female goose does not have a specific name. A male goose is known as a gander, and babies are goslings. A group of geese form a flock or gaggle. A skein is a group of geese in flight; geese flying in the "V" formation are called a wedge.


Mother Goose is a collection of children's rhymes and stories that were passed down orally before being published and printed as a collection. Today, Mother Goose is famous for what are now considered nursery rhymes. Some of the most famous Mother Goose nursery rhymes include "To Market," "Miss Muff


To prepare a roast goose, cover the goose in water and 1/4 cup of sea salt. Refrigerate overnight before draining the water and removing any innards that were included. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Rub the inside of the goose with lemon juice, and stuff it with a chopped apple, a quar


According to Exotic Meats, goose tastes like well-done roast beef. Goose tends to taste different from other types of game such as pheasant or wild turkey due to the fat content.


Mother Goose was not a real person, so there cannot accurately be said to be a "real" Mother Goose; most of the stories that are attributed to Mother Goose are folktales with indeterminate specific origins. Even so, there are a few different origin stories that point to a supposed "real" Mother Goos


A 10- to 12-pound goose takes 2 1/4 to 3 hours to roast in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. A similar size goose takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours to cook on a grill or 30 minutes per pound in a smoker.


A bump on the head, especially on a child, is commonly called a goose egg because the shape of the bump is similar to that of a small egg. When a child hits his head, the goose egg results from fluid and blood leaking from the scalp.