Search for an image using Google by providing the search engine with text or image input. Google also provides the user with advanced filters and supports search operators that restrict the search to the exact types of s... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To do a Google image search, a person must use the Google Images function. This search technique avoids users having to scour through numerous text results. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Royalty-free images of hair are available on Google Images and may be found by using advanced search options. Images available in the creative commons or public domain can be found by choosing the relevant licensing opti... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To make Google your default search engine, open your current Internet browser, click the drop down menu in the search box, click Change Search Settings, then select Google as your default search engine from the provided ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Intended for use by children, KidRex is a content-sensitive search engine by Google. The search engine filters out inappropriate content for children and emphasizes kid-related content when displaying search results. The... More »

To double-space in Google Docs, sign in to your Google account, click on the document that you want to edit, highlight the text that you want to double-space; select Format, select Line Spacing, and then select 2.0. The ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Google may be slow due to a low amount of available bandwidth. The responsiveness of Google and other Web pages in general relies on a computer's available bandwidth and processing capabilities. More » Technology Internet & Networking