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To prevent from being found online, verify company policies, use a post office address, avoid using social networks and be careful when giving out information. In extreme cases, it is possible to obtain a court order to remove all public records.


You can find people online for free using either a people search service such as PeopleSmart, a social network like Facebook or LinkedIn, or search an online White Pages directory. If no results are found, a subscription public records search service such as Intellius m...


To find definitions on Google, simply type the word you are trying to define into the search box. Google usually will offer a suggestion if you misspell the word in the search bar.


Some free methods to find people online include Google searching, Facebook’s People Search feature and reverse image search sites such as TinEye. These sites allows users to search for individuals using various parameters, and all are completely free.


Get free Google Play codes through various websites and applications by completing surveys and earning points. There are many websites that claim to give out free codes without the user having to do anything. These websites are usually scams, and users try them at their...


Google offers users a free phone number through Google Voice, and users can place and receive calls with this phone number. However, Google requires users to tie this phone number to an existing number, so users generally need a standard phone plan.


Google Now is a personal-assistant program for mobile use on the Android and iOS operating systems as well as through the Google Chrome Web browser. It is essentially Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri program, designed to provide snippets of useful information based on a ...