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Find Good Things About Technology and Related Articles. Search Now! Search Now! Technology has many benefits, such as improved productivity, efficient communication, facilitation of e-commerce and promotes research and development.


Because, though an optimist, I'm also a realist and I see both the good and the bad in how technology impacts our lives. I generally don't see the need to talk about the good things in that ...


This case goes beyond party etiquette, it raises the important topic about ways technology can help us in our daily lives. Technology And It’s Benefits. Technology sometimes has a bad reputation for leading people down scary paths of sexting, identity theft, and introducing predators into their lives.


The fact that you can find anything on the internet, can be a good and a bad thing. When it comes to the bad things, people need to remember that just because it is available doesn’t mean you need to look at it or read about it. In addition to viewing inappropriate content, technology can also be used to threaten or bully others.


While technology does come with it’s glitches, it provides our world with so many great things, for example, unity. Technology is a very good thing for people anywhere and everywhere, no matter ...


We’re in the middle of exploring how the church can respond to today’s technological advances. Today we want to look at the positive changes being brought about by technology. We should not miss the opportunities to help people connect with one another using technology. It’s true that new ...


10 things that make technology look positive. by Ashvini on October 11, 2012 · 4 comments. in My Personal Thoughts. ... They need to not be scared instead think of the possibilities with adoption of new technology. Its good to see you back and hopefully we will have many more such interactions :). Comments on this entry are closed.


Is Modern Technology Good or Bad? No because... Is Technology Bad for you? 63% of people prefer to use the computer or other technology instead of reading or staying warm. A problem that can occur from spending too much time on a computer is that there is a high chance for damaging the eyes.A reason that kids, teenagers, and adults should not ...


Essay on Three Resons Why Technology Is Good. 558 Words 3 Pages. Have you wondered that technology is a big part of your life? Or maybe too much of your life? But the truth is technology helps us in many ways. Smart phones can help you keep your calendar straight, some personal technology helps improve fitness and exercise, and otehr technology ...


Is the technology a good or a bad thing? Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about technology and if it is a good or a bad thing. This article is, of course, according to my point of view. The main question, for now, is “is the technology a good or a bad thing?”. What is technology? Firstly, what is technology?