Skills and traits that tend to be associated with good leadership include the ability to effectively delegate work to and communicate with employees. This means that a leader must not try to control every aspect of an or... More »

Good leadership skills include delegation, communication, a sense of humor and confidence. These skills allow leaders to motivate others around them and keep the group focused. More » Education Colleges & Universities

Proactivity, flexibility, respect and solid communication are four traits associated with solid leadership skills. People demonstrating these characteristics show both the confidence and the presence of mind to lead othe... More »

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The concept of a born leader is one that adheres to the philosophy that some people are born with traits that make them more likely to assume leadership roles in society. Scientific American reports that a study conducte... More »

Some characteristics of a good manager include good communication skills, problem solving skills, planning skills and leadership skills. Good management is important to the success of a business. More »

A general manager, who is responsible for the successful day-to-day functioning of a business, should be well-educated and possess strong leadership and organizational skills. Most general managers have a bachelor’s degr... More »

Some qualities of a good businessman include having good leadership and communication skills, and being a risk-taker, future oriented, good team builder, ambitious and creative. Possessing such qualities is vital in maki... More »