Good exercises for sciatica are located on websites for Healthline and the Laser Spine Institute. offers two exercises that externally rotate the hip. Instructions for both the figure-4 stretch and the pig... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Gentle, low-impact exercises are the commonly recommended exercises for someone with back pain or sciatica, notes Spine-health. Two exercises that meet these standards are water therapy and walking. However, a doctor sho... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Stretching, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning exercises are good for people suffering from a herniated disk, sciatica or lower back pain, according to Spine-health. The types of exercise depend on the pat... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise
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Lifestyle and home remedies that can treat or reduce symptoms from sciatica include cold packs, hot packs, stretching exercises and over-the-counter painkillers, according to Mayo Clinic. Prolonged inactivity is not reco... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Performing stretches that externally rotate the hip is an excellent way to relieve sciatica pain, according to Healthline. The Figure 4 stretch and Pigeon Stretch help rotate the hips, but it's important to seek guidance... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Spinal traction is a nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy used to treat back conditions such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, pinched nerves and herniated discs, according to Healthline. Spinal traction works ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Hand exercises, medication, splints and surgery can combat thumb arthritis, notes Healthline. Ice and steroid injections can also be used to treat thumb arthritis. Individuals should consult a reputable doctor before sta... More » Health Conditions & Diseases