Some exercises to lose love handles include Russian twists, standing oblique crunches, burpees, scissors abdominal exercises and planks. These exercises are intended to train the muscles around the lower mid-section and ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Some exercises to get rid of love handles include the oblique press and reach, the side plank crunch, and the around-the-world obliques. These exercises do not require equipment, and participants can use an optional yoga... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Workouts that effectively minimize fat in the area above the hips incorporate a mix of high-intensity interval training and targeted exercises for the rectus and transverse abdominals. High-intensity interval training he... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise
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According to Cosmopolitan, the best exercises to get rid of love handles and belly fat include climbers, overhead swings, side-over twists, lateral bends, backstroke rotations and rotators. These exercises do not require... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Performing sledgehammer overhead strikes, running planks, deadlifts, hanging leg raises, battle rope waves and Russian twists as part of a high-intensity training exercise regimen gets rid of love handles. Other exercise... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

The Megaformer allows users to perform a variety of exercises, including spider kicks, kneeling hamstring stretches, side leg presses, the fifth lunge and mermaid twists. Other exercises include giant shoulder presses, g... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

According to, the best exercises to reduce the midriff bulge are those that work all of the core muscles, such as crunches, leg lifts, twists and bends. Combining core workouts with cardiovascular exerci... More » Health Fitness & Exercise