Good citizenship is a way of life in which one contributes to his nation by defending its institutions and applying his skills to the benefit of society. One of the requisites of good citizenship is education, which is n... More » World View Social Sciences

Real life examples of actions that exhibit good citizenship include volunteering at a local food bank, donating blood, exercising voting rights, supporting police and fire departments, and generally practicing honesty an... More »

An example of good citizenship is when a person finds a wallet full of money and returns the wallet rather than keeping the money. Good citizenship comes in many forms and each person displays it differently. More »

In general terms, sociolinguistic theory examines all of the ways in which society, by its organization, norms and institutions, exerts power over language and its use. Sociolinguistic theory should thus be differentiate... More »

The pros of human communication are that there are many ways to convey ideas, create understandings, tell stories and preserve histories to the benefit of society. The cons of human communication are that communication c... More »

The role of a family in a society is essentially to teach children skills, morals and values that will help them become better people and will, in turn, allow them to be productive in society. More »

Being a good citizen involves more than voting as a member of a state and nation. Good citizens care about their fellow citizens. More »