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These names act like a roadmap through female history, paying tribute to icons of the past and giving nods to influential women of the present.


Jul 16, 2020 ... Most Attractive Girl Names With Meaning. Picking and selecting baby names for girls is among one of the most exciting tasks for expecting ...


Beatrix: This beautiful British baby girl name means “she who brings ... would be in good company in England with this pretty baby name that is a favorite there.


Mar 11, 2021 ... Whether a woman was a trailblazer in her industry or a business mogul, it's always a good idea to name your daughter after a powerhouse role ...


May 11, 2018 ... The 100 most popular baby names, as revealed by Social Security ... The name's dramatic rise in popularity mirrors that of the woman who shares it. ... This s...


Jun 24, 2020 ... Included: Boy Names, Girl Names, Gender-Neutral Names, Southern ... The 2020 Best Baby Names: Girl, Boy, Southern, Celebrity, Unique, and ...


Feb 27, 2015 ... Girl names meaning good often start with Eu or Ev. From the popular Evangeline to the obscure Eudoxia, there's no shortage of interesting ...


Looking for the latest popular girls names? Below is a list of beautiful and pretty girl names for you to pick.


Jun 18, 2019 ... Every mom knows her little one is special, so give her a unique name? We have prepared a list of 50 unique girl names starting with.


Feb 22, 2017 ... We are trying to be prepared with a shortlist of girls names and boys names so that we at ... Really really want good nickname opportunities! 3.