Used golf carts are worth $2,000 to $4,000 or more depending on condition and age, as of 2015. The market and demand for used golf carts are strong, as many golfers prefer to purchase a cart rather than rent each time th... More » has a comparison of electric golf carts on its website. It ranks 27 model of electric golf cart by seating capacity, top speed, power and approximate price. More » Vehicles

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Determine the value of your golf cart using factors such as the make and model of the cart, its battery life, type of use and the condition of the vehicle. While there is no book value for golf carts like there is for ca... More »

Most golf carts have a set of batteries, and the wiring that connects them to each other, under the seat. To access them, the seat cushion must first be removed. More » Vehicles

Electric golf carts use rechargeable batteries that power electric motors to move them. Typically, the owner plugs a charger into a wall outlet at home. However, reports electric golf carts fitted with ... More »

Duracell manufactures group size GC2 and 230 6-volt batteries for golf carts. Both group sizes have the same footprint, are lead acid, deep cycle, refillable batteries. The difference between these two golf cart batterie... More » Vehicles