Some online resources for comparing golf ball reviews are Golf Galaxy and Top5 Reviews. Golfers should select their golf balls based on their skill levels, the construction of the balls and their compression rating. More »

Four ball, also known as better ball, is a golf competition format consisting of two teams of two players each. Teams compete against each other using the better of the two players' scores for each hole. The format is us... More »

The amount of dimples varies from 252 to 500 per golf ball, with the optimum number being defined at 350 to 450 per ball. The dimples on a golf ball reduce the amount of drag and accentuate the lift, adding around 115 pe... More »

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While every golf ball manufacturer claims to have the best ball for distance, none are guaranteed to travel farther than others. With different compressions, it is possible that some may travel greater distances at certa... More »

A golf ball washer is a device used for cleaning a golf ball during a round of golf, since, in most instances, the same ball must be used throughout the round. A golf ball can get dirty during play, which can affect its ... More »

Golf ball compression is the rate given to a golf ball based on its density. A low-compression ball flies further but gives a player much less control, whereas a more highly compressed ball does not travel as far but giv... More »

Golfers with slower swing speeds should usually select a golf ball with a low compression rating, while those with a faster swing speed should choose a ball with a higher compression rating. The lower the compression rat... More »