Algae-eating fish keep goldfish ponds free of algae and help control algae outbreaks without the necessity of removing the water from the pond. Replacing the water is potentially fatal to the fish and disrupts the ecolog... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some algae-eating fish for ponds are Siamese and Chinese algae eaters, common plecostomus, twig catfish and flying fox. To control algae growth in ponds, it is important to get the right type of fish. This can depend on ... More » Science Biology Zoology

To control green algae in a fish pond, install a filter, minimize the amount of organic runoff entering the pond, vacuum debris from the pond bottom, and avoid overfeeding the fish. Add floating aquatic plants to the pon... More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the goldfish, a member of the carp family that originated from ponds in East Asia, is an egg-laying fish. A fish that lays eggs cannot be pregnant, and therefore no special designat... More »

One way to build a pond is to dig a hole, install electrical lines and water pipes, line the hole with rebar and concrete, coat it with pond sealant, and install a water pump. This procedure usually takes about one week ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Applying algaecide to a pond can clear the water of algae, restoring a sparkling accent to the landscape. Shock the pond by adding algaecide according to the manufacturer's directions after all decaying plant and animal ... More »

The Telegraph notes that pond owners usually use biological and ultraviolet filters to weed out unwanted elements such as fish excrement and unicellular algae. To combat the effects of blanket weed, stuffing barely straw... More » Home & Garden Outdoor