To care for a goldfish, house the fish in an appropriately sized tank filled with well-maintained and well-filtered water. Feed the pet a goldfish-formulated diet two to three times daily. More »

Goldfish sit at the bottom of a tank when they are not well, often because toxins have built up in the water. Goldfish are usually active, and lethargy is a sign of illness. More »

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the world's largest goldfish in 2013 as being 18.7 inches long. In 2013, a goldfish caught in Lake Tahoe weighed 4.2 pounds and measured 1.5 feet long. Many other cases of goldfis... More »

A number of quick, relatively painless methods have been devised to humanely dispatch fish. A commonly used method is clove oil to anesthetize the fish, followed by an alcohol bath to kill the fish. Another option is to ... More »

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the goldfish, a member of the carp family that originated from ponds in East Asia, is an egg-laying fish. A fish that lays eggs cannot be pregnant, and therefore no special designat... More »

According to, determining the gender of a goldfish can be difficult, as the fish are weakly dimorphic. However, depending on when the fish are checked, it can be possible to determine their gender based o... More »

Goldfish eat smaller fish as long as they fit in the goldfish's mouth. Goldfish do not have a picky diet. They eat a lot and go for whatever they can find that will fit in their mouth. This includes everything from fish ... More »