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The period referred to as the Islamic Golden Age lasted for just over 400 years, during which time huge advances were made in the fields of art, humanities and science. During this time, Baghdad become the intellectual capital of the world, and efforts were made to consolidate important texts from a


Life during the Middle Ages was characterized by feudalism, power of the Catholic church and war between Christianity and Islam. People who lived during these times also had to deal with unsanitary conditions and rampant disease.


Pericles was the rule of Athens during its golden age. His leadership also helped to bring decades of war to Greece.


There is no theological basis for the concept of earth ages, but those who believe in them agree that the first earth age occurred sometime between Creation and the expulsion of Lucifer from heaven. The first earth age is one of three phases in God's plan.


The aging process affects reaction time due to a breakdown in the neural processes that occur in the brain. However, the effects brought on by aging generally vary from individual to individual and can be reversed by regularly engaging in physical exercise, states the University of Rochester Medical


Official fitness tests such as those used by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marshall Service often require younger men and women to run the equivalent of a mile in eight or nine minutes. Target times increase over time for older participants.


Aging causes a loss of brain connections and slows reaction time, reports a University of Michigan study. However, other studies show that exercise reverses and maintains youthful reaction times.


Men before their mid-20s enjoy both fastest reaction times and most accurate reactions. Until their late 20s both men's and women's reaction times shorten. After their late 20s, people's reaction times begin to slowly lengthen. The reaction time lengthens even more after a person's 70s and beyond.


As of 2015, the U.S. National Park Service no longer accepts Golden Eagle Passports and National Parks Passes; it sells annual passes instead. While it accepts Golden Age and Golden Access Passports, it no longer sells them, selling Interagency Senior and Access Passes instead.


The main achievements of the Gupta Empire were in the fields of war, sculpture, painting, literature and architecture. This has led many people to describe the era as India's "golden age."