Gold jewelry is popularly hallmarked with a three-digit number or a number followed by the letter "K." These numbers mark the fineness of the gold or its karat, respectively. More »

The "495" Hallmark on a piece of gold means that it is 49.5 percent gold and 50.5 percent other metals. This is known as a standard mark, and it shows the purity of the metal as well as its shape. More »

Find a Hallmark store nearby by visiting the Hallmark website and using its Store Finder tool. The tool searches for stores in both the United States and Canada, notes Hallmark. More » Business & Finance Corporations
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Gold in its purest form does not leave black or green marks on skin, but the other metals mixed in with gold jewelry, such as copper, nickel and silver, can cause discoloration on skin. Discoloration usually occurs when ... More »

The number 925 stamped on a gold piece of jewelry usually means that the jewelry is not entirely gold; it is sterling silver that has been gold plated. The number normally indicates the purity of the silver used, not the... More »

Gold comes from almost every continent, with China and Australia the largest producers as of 2015, according to Mining Technology. A team of Harvard scientists believes that gold is formed when two neutron stars collide,... More »

Gold stamped "925" is probably gold-plated sterling silver. The "925" is part of a precious metals hallmark system, but only silver is denoted "925," or 92.5 percent, pure. More »