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Some fishing games that people can play for free include “Sport Fishing” and “Lucky Fisherman.” Both of these games are available to play on Y8.com and other arcade websites. “Sport Fishing” is a realistic fishing game, whereas “Lucky Fisherman” is more of an arcade-style fishing game.


Fun online fishing games include "Hooked Monster Fishing," "Bass Fishing Challenge" and "Cave Lake Fishing," as of 2015. Additional fishing games include "Lake Fishing 2" and "Super Dynamite Fishing."


As new games are invented all the time, the number of card games in existence is unknown. Besides strictly card-based games, a number of other types of games involve the use of cards, making the number even more difficult to estimate.


Some popular online fishing games include "Fishing Champion" from FishingGames.us and "Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon" from Y8.com. "Fishing Champion" is a cartoon-based game where players catch fish to earn money, while "Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon" is a realistic fishing simulator.


Klondike Solitaire, Canfield Solitaire and Beehive Solitaire are all card games one person can play. There are many card games for one player.


Some fun two-person card games include Gin Rummy, Spit and Crazy Eights. These card games are simple, quick to play and accessible to players of all skill levels.


To play Go Fish, you need a 52-card deck with no jokers. Each player requests cards of a certain rank from other players with the intent to make "books" consisting of four cards of the same rank. Play ends when a player has no more cards or the stock runs out.


Some of the most common card games include poker, blackjack, hearts, bridge, rummy, canasta, euchre, crazy eights and spades. There are card games for one player, such as solitaire, as well as card games for two or more players.


Manager games on Big Fish Games refer to the genre of game called "time management" games. These games are characterized by the real-time allocation of resources in a successive order to achieve the goal of a particular level.


"Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010," " Trophy Bass 4," "In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies," " Hooked Monster Fishing" and "Green Lagoon" are some free fishing games for PC. "Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010" is also available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.