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Users can find torque specs for certain wheels at the Dorman Products wheel nut torque specifications document or at the Discount Tire wheel torque chart webpage. The two mentioned documents are not exhaustive, however. Torque specs for wheels of newer car models may no...


GMC Sierra factory wheels are available online at eBay.com, OEWheelsLLC.com and WheelsAndCaps.com, as of 2015. All the wheels sold at these sites are original equipment manufacturer parts that are the same as the GMC parts, but possibly branded under a different name.


To find out a wheel torque spec, check the vehicle's manual, industry reference guide or the shop repair manual. Vehicle dealers can also provide an appropriate wheel torque spec.


Wheel torque determines how fast a car can reach a particular speed. The higher the torque, the faster the acceleration. The units of torque are pounds per feet.


Dodge torque specs are specifications for Dodge vehicles that indicate how much torque, or tightening, should be applied to bolts on the vehicle to ensure they stay fastened. Torque specs are used primarily on engine bolts, but are also available for tire lug nuts.


Two reputable resources for determining the value of a 1988 GMC Sierra are the NADA Used Car Value Guides and the Kelley Blue Book. Each of these calculates the approximate value of most vehicles based on the age, drive train and mileage of the vehicle.


To find torque specs for new Ford vehicles, visit Ford.com, and find the specific vehicle. To find torque specs for older Ford models, browse Edmunds.com, and select a specific Ford vehicle. Torque is usually listed under engine specs.