Logging into a Gmail account is a straightforward process. Enter "" into your address bar, and type in your Google user name and password information to access your Gmail inbox. More » Technology E-mail

Gmail is free for all users. Simply sign up for an account at More » Technology E-mail

Visit Gmail’s website to sign up for a free account. It is open to everyone, and the account provides access to all of Google’s services. More » Technology E-mail
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Anyone with an Internet connection and an Internet-ready device may sign up for a new Gmail account by going to the Gmail sign up page and selecting the "Create an account" option just below the log-in box. The page redi... More » Technology E-mail

To change your Gmail password, sign in to Gmail, and then click on the cog located in the top right corner of the page. Click Settings, Accounts and then Change Password to open the Change Password dialog box. Enter your... More » Technology E-mail

To find contacts in Gmail, login to your Gmail account, find the red arrow, and open Contacts in the drop-down menu. This process takes approximately two minutes. More » Technology E-mail

To check your email on a Gmail account, access the Gmail login page, type in the proper credentials, and click the Inbox button. It is important to keep your login details safe, as they are used any time you want to chec... More » Technology E-mail