Logging into a Gmail account is a straightforward process. Enter "" into your address bar, and type in your Google user name and password information to access your Gmail inbox. More » Technology E-mail

Gmail is free for all users. Simply sign up for an account at More » Technology E-mail

Visit and select "Create an Account" to sign up for a Gmail account. The account sign-in screen requests additional information before a Gmail account is granted. More » Technology E-mail
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To sign out of Gmail, open your Gmail inbox, scroll to the bottom of the screen, open the Details window to sign out of all other Gmail sessions, and scroll back up to the top of the screen and locate your account menu. ... More » Technology E-mail

Create a Gmail account from the Gmail account creation page. Though Google recommends the Chrome browser, you can use any Web browser to create and access a Gmail account, and the process takes just a few minutes. More » Technology E-mail

You cannot officially block someone from sending email to your Gmail account, but you can create a filter that sends unwanted messages directly to the trash. To do so, locate the email address of the sender whose emails ... More » Technology E-mail

To change the name associated with your Gmail account, first log into your Gmail account. Enter the Settings menu and click the Accounts tab. Click the Edit Info link, and enter the name you want to be associated with yo... More » Technology E-mail