Gmail can be accessed through, or via the main Google homepage. Users will need a valid username and password to log into their account, which if forgotten, can be retrieved using the "Need help?" link on the s... More » Technology E-mail

Creating a Gmail account involves visiting the Google account creation page and completing the required information. To create an account, provide a name and choose a unique Google user name. More » Technology E-mail

Register for a Gmail account by going to the Gmail website and following the instructions to create a free account. The account provides an email address and the option to create a Google profile as well. More » Technology E-mail
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When a message is archived in Gmail, it is hidden from the inbox list; however, the email is kept in the account and can be accessed in the future if need be. Archiving simply takes the email and places it in a folder wh... More » Technology E-mail

Logging into a Gmail account is a straightforward process. Enter "" into your address bar, and type in your Google user name and password information to access your Gmail inbox. More » Technology E-mail

To sign out of Gmail, open your Gmail inbox, scroll to the bottom of the screen, open the Details window to sign out of all other Gmail sessions, and scroll back up to the top of the screen and locate your account menu. ... More » Technology E-mail

In order to delete all Gmail email messages, the Gmail account owner can simply press the trash button, according to Google. This sends the message straight to Gmail's trash, although the Gmail account owner can still ac... More » Technology E-mail