The two most common causes of gluteus medius muscle pain include gluteus medius tears and trochanteric bursitis, notes UCSan Diego Health. The gluteus medius is one of the important muscles surrounding the hip, and it is... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

A few ways to massage the gluteus maximus muscle include using the forearm for broad strokes, the elbow for depth and the hands to knead the muscles in the buttocks and hips, according to Linda Fehrs, LMT, of the Institu... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The gluteus minimus is located under the gluteus medius. It is at the top of the hip and extends from the area of the pelvic bone. More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles
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Muscle pain in the gluteus minimus is usually related to simple everyday problems, such as sleeping without support, standing for too long, sitting for too long or walking on an uneven surface. It can also be an indicati... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The small muscles in the hip that are commonly used for injections are the ventrogluteal or gluteus medius muscles, according to Scott & White Healthcare. These muscles are common sites for injections and can be used saf... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

Knee and hip pain are both commonly caused by arthritis and injuries related to over-exercising and sports, such as tendon inflammation, cartilage tears and sprained ligaments, according to WebMD and Healthline. Knee and... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Knee pain is a widespread ailment, and the most common causes of knee pain are swollen or torn ligaments, runner’s knee or cartilage tears, says WebMD. Many other health issues or injuries can contribute to knee pain. More » Health Pain & Symptoms