Glued-in hair extensions, if applied properly, last approximately 10 to 14 days. While the glue might continue to adhere the extensions to the natural hair longer than this, most stylist recommend removing the extensions... More »

To put weave in the hair, braid the natural hair, and sew or glue the weave into place. If desired, the weave can be sewn into the hair using a net. The process of completing the weave may require several hours, dependin... More »

Hair extensions, or weaves, are made out of either synthetic or natural human hair and come in a variety of different attachment methods. The extension fibers are attached to either clips, glue, micro rings, or netting s... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Install strand for strand hair weaves strategically in rows to create a natural look and to prevent excess weight on natural hair strands. Place the extensions a sufficient distance from the hairline so that the keratin ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

Human hair wefts are hair extensions made from human hair instead of synthetic fiber. Hair extensions add fullness and length to one's own natural hair. Human hair wefts should be made from hair that has not been process... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

European hair extensions are sold online on the Virgin Hair and Beauty website. This company supplies European hair extensions worldwide and sources the hair from Italy, Russia and other nearby countries. Dirty Looks is ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

Applying hair extensions is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes depending on the amount of hair being added. In order to put in your hair extensions, you will need the hair extensions, clips, shampoo,... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves