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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is a general glossary of the terms used in the sport of gymnastics


Glossary of Gymnastics Terms. Here is a glossary of common gymnastics terms. There are definitions and descriptions of gymnastics skills and terms. I will constantly be adding to this list over time. Feel free to email me if there is a term you think should be added to the list.


Glossary of Terms. Aerial. A stunt in which the gymnast turns completely over in the air without touching the apparatus with his or her hands. All-Around. A category of gymnastics that includes all of the events. The all-around champion of an event earns the highest total score from all events combined.


Gymnastics terminology. Share Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email. Image credit: bigstock.com. There are many terms used in gymnastics that may be hard for a novice to understand. We explain some of the most commonly used ones in this article. Aerial .


GLOSSARY OF ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS TERMS 1. Arabesque - Balance on one leg with the other leg raised backwards to near horizontal. Chest is kept high, as close to vertical as possible. 2. Attitude - Position of the free leg in a balance skill, bend at knee, thigh parallel to the floor, knee turned out. Front attitude - free leg in front of body.


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Glossary of Gymnastics Terms; Acro. Term referring to tumbling skill on beam or floor exercise, used most commonly when describing combination dance-acro requirements. Aerial. A skill performed without the hands touching the floor or the apparatus. Most commonly used to refer to an aerial cartwheel or aerial (front) walkover.


Definitions and descriptions of common gymnastics terms along with explanations of popular gymnastics skills, with links to where you can find more information. How To Do Gymnastics Gymnastics Equipment For Home Gymnastics Levels Gymnastics Hair Gymnastics Tricks Gymnastics Workout Gymnastics Routines.


It takes some time to learn a new sport, and gymnastics is no different. We all know flips, cartwheels and handstands, but what about layouts, wolf jumps and the Olympic order? Before your child puts on his or her leotard for the first time, look over these terms and phrases every gymnast (and their parents) should know. A


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