Modern models of climate change are grounded in observable evidence and reasonable inference, so they can be regarded as factual. Global warming happens when sunlight warms the Earth's surface and causes it to radiate he... More » Science Environmental Science

Global warming happens when carbon levels in the atmosphere rise, trees are cut down in large quantities and the ozone layer is destroyed. Without managing these things, the Earth risks suffering from adverse effects. More »

Global warming is caused primarily by an increased greenhouse effect, or the proclivity of certain gases in the atmosphere to allow sunlight to enter but not to depart. Although the Earth has natural periods of warmer an... More »

Effects of environmental destruction include global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion, land degradation and human disease. Environmental destruction occurs when events deplete the earth's natural resources. ... More »

When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere that is believed to negatively affect Earth's climate and contribute to global warming. A reduction in fossil fuel usage slows climate change... More »

During a high school debate on global warming, explain that the scientific community at large warns of severe negative consequences to come if humans do not take action to stop climate change from occurring. Cite reputab... More » Science Environmental Science

Global warming affects people by impacting climate with higher temperatures and catastrophic weather conditions, causing health problems by exacerbating pollution and spreading pests, and decreasing living space through ... More »