Modern models of climate change are grounded in observable evidence and reasonable inference, so they can be regarded as factual. Global warming happens when sunlight warms the Earth's surface and causes it to radiate he... More » Science Environmental Science

Global warming slogans are catchy ways of delivering messages about the environment. Common themes include reducing carbon use, using less-polluting forms of transportation, and leaving the Earth in a better state for fu... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

One global warming joke suggested that President George W. Bush was fighting record high temperatures by switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius. In another joke, Republicans are said to plan to reduce high heating bills in... More » Hobbies & Games Jokes
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According to reporters from Think Progress and Bloomberg News, people deny climate change partly because of an echo chamber effect that shuns differing opinions and partly because of aggressive campaigns by the fossil fu... More » Science Environmental Science

According to the Seattle P-I, the environmental and ecological concerns of the tundra biome include climate change, air pollution, human development and ecological imbalances. Recently, humans have been increasingly impa... More » Science Environmental Science

During a high school debate on global warming, explain that the scientific community at large warns of severe negative consequences to come if humans do not take action to stop climate change from occurring. Cite reputab... More » Science Environmental Science

Scientists conduct a variety of research in Antarctica, including studies on climate change, astronomy, geology, earth science, marine biology and astrophysics, according to The continent's forbi... More » Science Environmental Science