Glitter can be added to interior wall paint by either mixing it into an existing color of paint or adding a glitter finishing top coat to a dried coat of interior paint. To mix the glitter, make sure to buy paint applica... More »

Adding glitter to paint requires using the right kind of glitter to ensure an even mix throughout the paint and that the paint applies evenly to the wall according to Benjamin Moore Paints. Paint already infused with gli... More »

Add glitter to wall paint by mixing glitter directly into the paint can using a mixing attachment on a power drill. Another option is to add glitter paint additive to clear coat paint and apply the mixture atop the wall ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Paint polka dots on walls by preparing the wall, painting the base coat, making a stencil and painting the polka dots. Choose coordinating or contrasting colors and a variety of sizes for the dots to maximize the impact. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Crafters can apply a coat of varnish over oil and acrylic paint to help seal in the color. One to three coats of varnish can also protect painted pieces from damage, and the smooth surface makes cleaning easier. More »

A Sico paint color chart shows the hues available for the company's interior and exterior paints. Color families, such as reds, yellows, turquoises and neutrals, are further categorized by shade. Each color's shade – int... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance