There are two types of glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma, and the symptoms vary between the two types, states Mayo Clinic. Symptoms for primary open-angle glaucoma are the gradual loss of p... More » Health Vision

Open-angle glaucoma has few signs in its early stages; however, patients gradually lose peripheral vision, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Angle-closure glaucoma sets in quickly, and patients experience ha... More » Health Vision

Primary open-angle glaucoma, one of the most prevalent forms of the condition, shows virtually no symptoms in the early stages, according to Mayo Clinic. This is why it is important to have a routine eye exam so glaucoma... More » Health Vision
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Narrow-angle glaucoma, also called angle-closure glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma, is caused by the forward movement of the iris. This movement obstructs the eye's drainage channel and causes pressure to build up in it... More » Health Vision

Symptoms of Graves' eye disease include bulging eyes, inflamed eyes, double vision, eye pain and vision loss, states Mayo Clinic. Some symptoms unrelated to the eyes include anxiety, irritability, heat sensitivity, thyro... More » Health Vision

Symptoms of optic nerve disorders include pain behind the eyeball that is exacerbated by eye movement, flashing lights, and loss of vision and color vision, states Mayo Clinic. The loss of regular vision is made worse by... More » Health Vision

Common signs and symptoms of cataracts include blurry or cloudy vision, double vision, glare and sensitivity to light, states Mayo Clinic. Night vision declines, and colors appear faded or yellowed. Many individuals see ... More » Health Vision