Glaucoma is diagnosed with several tests in addition to the patient's history. These tests include tonometry, the measure of inner eye pressure; opthalmoscopy, the examination of the optic nerve; and perimetry, a map of ... More » Health Vision

Depending on the type of glaucoma, the symptoms can range from eye pain and nausea to vision loss and tunnel vision, according to the Mayo Clinic. The symptoms can be entirely different for each condition, with the most ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Glaucoma cannot be cured, but some options available for treatment include surgery, oral medication, eye drops and research treatment. Glaucoma is a group of conditions that cause damage to the nerve that connects the ey... More » Health Vision
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Doctors who perform tests for low eye pressure and glaucoma are called ophthalmologists or optometrists. Like other medical doctors, ophthalmologists must complete four years of medical school and a year's internship. Af... More » Health Vision

Narrow-angle glaucoma occurs when the iris is pushed forward and the pressure inside the eye increases significantly, according to Gary Heiting, O.D., for All About Vision. The increased pressure can cause injury to the ... More » Health Vision

One visible sign of glaucoma is a red eye, according to Mayo Clinic. This sign happens during acute angle-closure glaucoma. Other outward signs of glaucoma can be swollen and red-rimmed eyelids, change of color in the ir... More » Health Vision

The most common eye diseases include refractive issues, cataracts, glaucoma, amblyopia and strabismus, according to the CDC. The most common refractive issues are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. More » Health Vision