A measuring cup is a graduated container used primarily for cooking and other household tasks. Measuring cups come in a variety of sizes, and many have the capability of measuring different amounts of either liquid or dr... More »

A dry measuring cup is a measuring cup used to measure dry, or non-liquid, cooking ingredients, such as sugar, oats or salt. A set of dry measuring cups typically includes cup sizes ranging from 1/4 cup to 1 cup. More »

There are four tablespoons in 1/4 cup. When using measurements for recipes, one should only use commercially prepared measuring tools. One should use nested cups for dry ingredients and clear plastic or glass measuring c... More »

In the United States, a cup is a cooking measurement used for both liquid and dry ingredients. One cup is equal to 1/2 pound of a dry ingredients. In fluids, it is the same as 1/2 pint. More »

You can measure 2/3 cup by measuring out its equivalent in ounces (5 1/3), pints (1/3) and tablespoons (10 plus 2 teaspoons). If you do not have any measurement tools, then you can use the size of your fist to measure ab... More »

Measuring cups come in many sizes from as small as 1/16 cup to over a quart large. The size and style of a measuring cup changes depending on if it measures wet or dry ingredients. More »

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One way to find cute measuring spoons is to visit stores that specialize in creative implements for the home, such as Pier 1 Imports. Another way is to search online retailers, such as Etsy.com or Wayfair.com. More »

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