To start recycling cans and bottles, begin collecting used containers and separating them by materials, such as aluminum, plastic and glass, and check the containers for any recycling information. As you separate, rinse ... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

As of 2015, 10 states have a bottle bill, a program in which individuals can receive a small refund on each glass bottle they recycle. These bills require the payment of a deposit at the time of purchase, which can then ... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales

Monetary reward for the recycling of glass bottles is largely a local effort dependant on "bottle bills," bills that guarantee a monetary reward for the return of a glass bottle. The best way to find out recycling polici... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions
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Examples of recycled building materials include glass bottles, aluminum cans, tires, wood pallets, cardboard and scrap metal. Houses, houseboats and temples have also been built with airplanes, ships, silos and shipping ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Some important things to recycle are aluminum, plastic bottles and glass. Appliances and other objects that contain steel are also important to recycle because recycling steel saves energy and conserves natural resources... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Some examples of recyclable plastics include peanut butter jars, toys, milk bottles, plumbing material, food bags, medicine bottles, plastic cling wraps, stadium cups and syrup containers. Others include detergent bottle... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Instructables explains that aluminum cans can be melted using a propane torch. A steel drum or a canister is needed to act as a crucible, which should be insulated and stabilized by sand. For maximum safety, all the work... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability