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Everyone here is telling you “don't”, “do something else” or whatever. Not fun. So. How do you get a black eye ? You'll be surprised, but you don't need a huge impact to have a black eye. All you need to do is bruise the skin that's resting on the...


What makes you think a black eye will give you an excuse for not looking after your sister? BTW injuring your eye, i.e. A black eye IS an injury, can damage your eye, cost your vision, cause a concussion (possible brain damage) and a hit to the bridge of the nose can potentially KILL by driving bone into your brain.


This is a little trick I, quite accidentally, learned in high school and used to play a trick on my parents. Useful if you need a fake black eye for filming or just doing it for kicks.


Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Hamilton on give yourself a black eye easily: Possibly if they cough or sneeze, sending the virus airborne in droplets.


Give Yourself a Black Eye!: Maybe your character has been in a barfight... or maybe you need to lie about getting into a barfight. Either way, I'll show you how to create a believable black eye!


Best Answer: really hope you're not trying to do yourself harm, but the best way to get a black eye is a blunt force trauma to the bridge of the nose. From experience I know that just hitting your eye won't normally do the trick for some reason. Be careful!


Im trying to get a black eye as easily and painless as possible. Its hard to punch my face, I have to do it a few times to get one and it will hurt real bad. I was thinking of putting a candle ...


How to Make a Fake Black Eye. You can make a fake black eye that looks like the real thing in just a few minutes if you have the right makeup and you apply it correctly. The easiest way to create a fake black eye is to use a bruise color...


How to Give Yourself a Black Eye: Lesson No. 1 . Oh, hell I smacked myself lightly on the side of my cheek. I had been sort of reading, aka STARING STRAIGHT THROUGH THE PAGE WHILE DAY DREAMING ABOUT A LIFE BETTER THAN MINE. I had actually tried to concentrate on reading, but my mind sailed away. ... Give them to me, all of them, and I will get ...