According to PetMD, Benadryl dosages can vary and a veterinarian should be consulted for the proper amount. Although Benadryl is available over-the-counter, do not give a dog any before taking it to the vet. Benadryl is ... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

petMD reports that Benadryl is often prescribed to treat allergies in dogs. Walker Valley Veterinary Hospital says that dogs can be given 1 milligram of Benadryl per pound of the dog's weight twice a day to control aller... More »

Liquid Benadryl is not recommended for dogs. Experts believe the alcohol percentage in liquid Benadryl is too high to treat dogs safely. Benadryl in pill form is often recommended and safely used as an effective treatmen... More »

According to vets, a dog can have Benadryl, but only after consulting a professional veterinarian. Benadryl is given to both dogs and cats to eliminate issues such as eye infections, insect bites, insomnia, anxiety, skin... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Making the decision to put a pet down is difficult and consulting with a veterinarian can help an owner make a decision, but generally a dog should be put down when it is in too much pain to live a quality life. There is... More »

If a dog suffers from allergies to different seasonal plants and pollens, the best treatment for sneezing is using an antihistamine product such as Tavist, Claritin or Benadryl, notes MedicineNet. It is important to iden... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

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