Some English idioms include: "In the heat of the moment," "Once in a blue moon," and "Take it with a grain of salt." These idioms, which are expressions with figurative meanings, respectively mean: "Overwhelmed with what... More » Education Writing

Some examples of idioms for children are: give it a shot, a piece of cake, cross your fingers, have a shot at, hold your horses, raining cats and dogs, and pig out. These examples of idioms are for children because their... More » Education

One common idiom for kids is the phrase "butterflies in my stomach," which describes the feeling one gets when nervous. Another common idiom is "cat got your tongue," which is a sarcastic way of asking "Why aren't you sp... More » Education
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Some examples of a yearbook dedication include writing an inspiring quote, writing something supportive, sharing a personal funny moment or writing an inside joke. Yearbook dedications are usually inserted into the yearb... More »

Some tips for journal writing include writing about what's happening in your life at that moment, trying stream of consciousness, making a gratitude list and maintaining a log of successes in daily life. Online resources... More » Education Writing

"Turn a blind eye," "raining cats and dogs," "larger than life" and "in stitches" are some of the most common idioms that are used by native English speakers and writers. "Raining cats and dogs," which means raining heav... More » Education and both have many proofreaders ready to copy-edit and proofread at a moment's notice. Grammarly is a different option; it is a free program that checks spelling and grammar errors. More » Education Writing