FP Girl no longer sells clothing for young designers to create. The website is primarily an online teen magazine. Previously, allowed girls ages 5 through 12 to design their own clothing online, with t... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Toys 'R' Us and Target are major retailers that sell dress-up clothes for little girls, both at their store locations and through their websites. The website sells dress-up clothes for girls, shippi... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Cloche hats, flapper dresses, and suits featuring thin lapels and cuffed trousers were prominent fashion styles of the 1920s. A cloche hat was very snug, covered the ears, and was usually worn at an angle that allowed ju... More »

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Humans wear clothing for comfort and protecting themselves against exposure to weather and other environmental elements. In developed societies, wearing clothes is also considered a cultural norm, making social pressures... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

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