Among those who believe in ghosts, there are many different opinions as to what they actually are and why they exist. According to, the traditional belief is that ghosts are the spirits of dead people who have ... More » World View Paranormal

Sufficient evidence to prove the existence of ghosts does not exist. Scientifically, this alone cannot be used as concrete proof that ghosts do not exist, but rather it provides two possible evidence-based conclusions. E... More » World View Paranormal

Because no substantive evidence for the existence of ghosts is universally accepted by science, arguments for their existence are more insinuations of likelihood or probability than they are concrete proofs. Some of the ... More » World View Paranormal
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Paranormal Video Archive and Mostly Ghosts are two websites that collect video footage of what allegedly shows ghosts and other paranormal activity. Many other paranormal themed websites also keep archives of similar mat... More » World View Paranormal

No existing photographs are conclusively proven to contain evidence of ghosts. However, certain photographs allegedly depicting ghostly activity have no unanimously agreed upon natural explanation. Some of the most famou... More » World View Paranormal

Paranormal entity or ghosts can generate different smells and odors in a phenomenon called "olfactory apparition," according to experts from Manchester Paranormal Investigations. Ghost and paranormal entities generate sm... More » World View Paranormal

Many Internet sites claim to display real-life images of ghosts, including, and There are millions of links online to images and information about ghosts. Pur... More » World View Paranormal