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Pap tests can find and remove abnormal cells before they turn into cervical cancer. BY Adelina Espat. Getting a Pap test may not be the most fun part of your day.


The Pap test checks for cervical cancer. ... Here's what you need to know about health plans, choosing a doctor and how to get started today. Accepted Health ...


New research indicates that women over 65 should get Pap smears to help screen for cervical cancer.


With proper screening, cervical cancer is preventable and avoidable. When should I have a Pap smear? It is recommended that all women get a Pap smear done ...


Oct 19, 2020 ... ○The Papanicolaou or "Pap" test (sometimes called a "Pap smear") ... of cervical cancer include smoking and having a medical condition (or&nbs...


Who Should Get A Pap Smear? Published on 11/23/20. A pap smear, also referred to as a pap test or cervical smear is a test your OB/GYN uses to examine you ...


A Pap smear is one of the basic tests a lot of women are familiar with as part of their annual women's exam. But what happens if you get an abnormal result?


A routine Pap smear is proven to detect 92% of cervical cancer cases. Not only is it a ... to get one. Women are advised to get a Pap smear starting at age 21.


Having regular Pap Smears is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent cervical cancer. They're recommended every three years for women ...


Feb 6, 2019 ... What happens during a Pap smear? During a Pap smear, doctor or nurse inserts a warmed speculum (a tool that gently opens your vagina, so ...