Germany's government is a parliamentary system with a democratic constitution based on a division of powers within a federal structure and protection of individual liberty. Executive power is exercised by the chancellor,... More » Geography Europe Germany

Germany's government is a federal republic. Power is divided between states, and voters have ultimate control of political issues. The central government has limited power. More » Government & Politics Types of Government

In World War I, Germany declared war on France as part of a long-held strategy called the Schlieffen Plan. The Schlieffen Plan required German troops to organize on the frontier of Belgium, a neutral country, with the id... More » History Modern History World War 1
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Fatherland brings to mind law, government and order and Germany is a country that is in favor of these things and is such often referred to as the Fatherland. Fatherland was most commonly used during the time of Nazi Ger... More » Geography Europe Germany

A written constitution clearly defines the division of powers within a government, the powers and limitations of each branch therein, and the rights of the citizens at large. Written constitutions also allow literate cit... More » Government & Politics US Government The Constitution

A variety of sports are played in Germany, including soccer, popularly called football in the country, motorsport and tennis. Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. More » Geography Europe Germany

Germany is located in the west central portion of the European continent. The country's coastline extends 2,389 kilometers and borders the North Sea on its northwest portion and the Baltic Sea to the north. Germany's lan... More » Geography Europe Germany