The German telephone directory can be accessed via the and the websites. The content on both Gelbe Seiten and Das Telefonbuch is in German, which means that the websites will be useful f... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Hitler promised to overturn the Treaty of Versailles but also to stop reparations and bring pride back to the German people, specifically the middle and lower classes. He was essentially preying on their needs and fears. More » History Modern History World War 2

Germany's democratic structure provides the nation's citizens with two principle representative organs: the Bundestag, which serves as the national parliament, and the Bundesrat, which serves Germany's regional states, o... More » Government & Politics Types of Government
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To find out an address by using its telephone number, use the reverse directory pages on websites such as and Reverse directory search engines are provided by many telephone directory websites to ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Oakville telephone directory is available on Last names are alphabetically listed, with numbers beside these to indicate the number of listings. is also an online directory. However, to access ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

White pages are the section of a telephone directory that lists residential and business numbers. Subscribers are registered in alphabetical order in the white pages. Street addresses and ZIP codes are also normally incl... More » Government & Politics Public Records

There is no free printed telephone directory for the entire United States. AT&T and White Pages both operate online directories. Searches can be conducted with these national directories. More » Government & Politics Public Records