The German telephone directory can be accessed via the and the websites. The content on both Gelbe Seiten and Das Telefonbuch is in German, which means that the websites will be useful f... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Authoritative publishers of German dictionaries include Collins, Bertelsmann, Duden and Kempcke. The Austrian Federal Government publishes the "??????sterreichisches W??????rterbuch," a dictionary based on the Austrian v... More » Education

A DDR German shepherd is a particular type of German shepherd bred by the East German government, which is also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik. They were first bred in the days of the Berlin Wall and have slow... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs
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The directory includes the listed telephone directory entries in British Columbia, classified by each city. Selecting a city brings up the names of subscribers with published phone numbers. Both and W... More » Government & Politics Public Records

An online telephone directory contains business and residential phone listings. Most online directories are free to use and easy to use. More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of 2015, 411 is still the telephone number for local directory assistance and information in the United States and Canada. There is also a 411 website that allows users to search directories of first and last names, Z... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The Oakville telephone directory is available on Last names are alphabetically listed, with numbers beside these to indicate the number of listings. is also an online directory. However, to access ... More » Government & Politics Public Records