Geothermal energy works by using the heat created by the Earth and turning it into an energy source for people to use. This clean, renewable resource provides energy in the United States and around the world. More » Science Earth Science Geology

Geothermal energy is derived from the heat naturally emitted from the Earth's interior. This form of energy may be harnessed from underground steam and water sources and heat from solid rock and magma. It is a renewable ... More » Science Earth Science

Geothermal energy is created at the center of the Earth, around 4,000 miles below the surface, through hot spots in plate boundaries. These hot spots contain more energy than all the gas and oil resources in the world an... More » Science Physics
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Earth is geologically active because its internal heat keeps the outer core and lithosphere molten, encouraging plate movement and volcanic activity. Earth's crust consists of tectonic plates floating atop the malleable ... More » Science Earth Science Geology

An upwarped mountain is a mountain formed from force created by heat or magma pushing up directly under the Earth's crust. The force lifts the layers of rock in the Earth's crust above ground level. More » Science Earth Science Geology

An Amana packaged heat pump uses electricity as the primary energy source to transfer heat between the interior and exterior portions of a home. Heat pumps are used for both heating and cooling by removing heat or cold a... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

A compass uses a magnet that points north according to the Earth's natural magnetic field. In many compasses, the indicator is a magnetic needle mounted on a spindle that allows it to swing freely, while in others there ... More » Science Earth Science Geology