Typically, Georgette fabric is made from silk. The fabric is occasionally made from other materials such as rayon and polyester. More »

Especially Yours carries a variety of apparel, including active wear, casual wear, dresses, evening wear and swimwear. Especially Yours also sells speciality items, such as choir robes, caftans, skirt/pant suits and Geor... More »

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American boxing legend George Foreman has 12 children, including five boys whose first names are George and two girls who bear his name, Georgette and Freeda George Foreman, whose middle name comes from her father. At le... More »

Chelsea Clinton wore a strapless silk organza wedding gown designed by Vera Wang. Wang also designed the belted ivory tulle dress Clinton wore at the reception. More »

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Silk fabric is made by collecting filaments from a mulberry silk moth's cocoon, combining the output from four to eight cocoons into a single strand of raw silk, washing and preparing the silk strands and then weaving or... More »

Natural materials for clothing include cotton, leather, wool, fur and fabrics made out of silk or flax. Synthetic materials include polyester, nylon, spandex, acetate and rayon. More »

Some common materials used for making clothes include cotton, silk, rayon, wool, polyester, linen and nylon. Fur, leather and denim are other materials used for making clothes. More »