Some facts about the childhood of George Washington include that he was the fourth of nine children born to his father and the first child born to his father and his second wife. His father died when he was 11. George Wa... More »

George Washington was born on Feb. 22, 1732. His place of birth was Westmoreland County, Virginia, at his father Augustine Washington's plantation near Pope's Creek. More » History Modern History US History

George Washington was a farmer, surveyor and soldier who, as commander in chief of the Continental Army, defeated the British in the Revolutionary War and, as a private citizen, became the first president of the United S... More »

George Washington spent his childhood growing up on Ferry Farm, located opposite Fredericksburg, Virg., on the Rappahannock River. Born as one of the nine children of Augustine Washington, George Washington spent eight y... More »

According to legend, George Washington cut down his father's prized cherry tree while playing as a child, then admitted to doing so instead of trying to avoid punishment because he could not bear to tell a lie. The story... More »

George Washington did not have children of his own. He married Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759 and became a stepfather to her two remaining children. More » History Modern History US History

The first president of the United States, George Washington, did not have any biological children with his wife, Martha Dandridge Curtis. His marriage, however, brought two of Martha's children from a previous marriage i... More »