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Definition: A biconditional statement is defined to be true whenever both parts have the same truth value. The biconditional operator is denoted by a double-headed arrow . The biconditional p q represents "p if and only if q," where p is a hypothesis and q is a conclusion. The following is a truth table for biconditional p q.


Geometry and logic cross paths many ways. One example is a biconditional statement. To understand biconditional statements, we first need to review conditional and converse statements. Then we will see how these logic tools apply to geometry. What Is A Biconditional Statement? In logic, concepts can be conditional, using an if-then statement:


In this lesson, you'll learn how to define and recognize a biconditional statement. We'll review conditional statements and their converses and look at examples of each.


Biconditional definition is - a relation between two propositions that is true only when both propositions are simultaneously true or false.


Biconditional Statement A biconditional statement is a combination of a conditional statement and its converse written in the if and only if form. Two line segments are congruent if and only if they are of equal length. It is a combination of two conditional statements, “if two line segments are congruent then they are of equal length” and “if two line segments are of equal length then ...


A biconditional statement is one of the form "if and only if", sometimes written as "iff". The statement "p if and only if q" means "p implies q" AND "q implies p". That is, it is a conjunction of ...


Geometry. What is a biconditional? Answer. Wiki User September 26, 2016 9:39AM. Two statements, A and B are biconditionally related if A implies B and B implies A. ...


Biconditional definition, (of a proposition) asserting that the existence or occurrence of one thing or event depends on, and is dependent on, the existence or occurrence of another, as “A if and only if B.” See more.


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