Three undefined terms in geometry are point, line and plane. These three terms are explained but not defined as everyone has an intuitive idea of these concepts. These terms serve as the foundation on which geometry is b... More » Math Geometry

Some common words used specifically in geometry are "perpendicular," "vertex," "obtuse," "scalene" and "diameter." Other terms often used in geometry are "arc," "cylinder," "hypotenuse," "ordered pair" and "y-intercept." More » Math Geometry, Annenberg Learner and Ditutor provide lists of geometry terms and definitions from A to Z. offers terminology regarding plane and solid geometry as well as basic triangle trigonometry. This w... More » Math Geometry
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A point in geometry is the exact position or location on a plane surface, according to Math Open Reference. Points are typically displayed as dots, and they are given upper case letters for a name to make them easy to id... More » Math Geometry

Some geometric terms are line, segment and point. Other geometric terms include degree, chord, triangle, parallel and perpendicular. Some geometric terms used for measurements include radius, diameter, area, angle and ci... More » Math Geometry

The four properties that govern all of geometry are point, line, plane and solid. Geometry is divided into two distinct categories. Plane geometry studies two-dimensional shapes, or items on a flat surface, while solid g... More » Math Geometry Shapes

In geometry, a plane is defined as a flat, infinite surface. It has infinite length and width but no thickness. A plane is thus a two-dimensional, boundless surface and a subset of space. More » Math Geometry