World geography games can be bought online at National Geographic's store, at Little Passports and at Fat Brain Toys. Amazon also offers a selection of games and toys. Depending on the site, availability could include bo... More » Education K-12

Some world geography games include “Countries of the World,” “Flags of the World” and “Capitals of the World.” These are available at Sheppard Software also has different levels of games for le... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

Some different popular world geography games and quizzes involve identifying the countries, capitals, continents and geographic landscape of a location. Some other games entail naming the oceans, mountains, deserts, volc... More » Geography Maps & Cartography
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Educational games for children in a first grade class include around the world, scrambled letters, speed spelling and sink or float. Educational games help children enhance their learning and can be used as a reward. More » Education K-12

Some online games for third graders include "Cash Out," "Change Maker," "Bouncing Letters," "Solar System Maker," "Rooting Out Words" and "Math Arcade." These games are found at educational sites, such as Funbrain, Mr. N... More » Education K-12

Among the reasons schools block some online games are to block potentially objectionable content and to reduce distractions. Games, social networking and instant messaging are the three online activities schools most com... More » Education K-12

Programs that award scholarships for eighth grade students, such as the Doodle 4 Google seventh to ninth grade bracket, the National Geographic Geography Bee and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program, off... More » Education K-12