Geographic distribution refers to the way that something is distributed over a geographical area and can be represented on a map. Geographical distribution is commonly used to demonstrate the spread of animal species and... More » Science Earth Science

A unitary system of government is not defined by a geographic distribution of power, but rather all of the power resides in one centralized government. More » Government & Politics Types of Government

Geographic factors are circumstances associated with a physical location that affect humans living within a specific area. Behavior, health, beliefs, income and education are examples of factors that can be affected by g... More » Science Earth Science Landforms
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A population map is used to represent the overall distribution of population within a particular area. Most maps represent the varying population data using color, while other population maps use symbols, such as circles... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Geographic diversity is a factor used by college admissions offices to recruit applicants from locations all over the United States and the rest of the world. The admissions staff sometimes offers attractive incentives f... More » Science Earth Science Geology

Geographic isolation refers to two population of the same species being separated due to some type of physical barrier. This separation of population occurs when a body of water or land forms and divides a habitat. Geogr... More » Science Biology Zoology

Geographic tongue is a minor condition in which parts of the surface of the tongue are missing papillae, or fine, hair-like projections, according to Mayo Clinic. This causes the tongue to look as though it has smooth, r... More » Health Conditions & Diseases