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The gentoo penguin (/ ˈ dʒ ɛ n t uː / JEN-too) (Pygoscelis papua) is a penguin species in the genus Pygoscelis, most closely related to the Adélie penguin (P. adeliae) and the chinstrap penguin (P. antarcticus).The earliest scientific description was made in 1781 by Johann Reinhold Forster with a reference point of the Falkland Islands.They call in a variety of ways, but the most ...


Gentoo parents, which often form long-lasting bonds, are highly nurturing. At breeding time, both parents will work to build a circular nest of stones, grass, moss, and feathers.


Gentoo Penguin. The exact origin of their name now lost to time, these highly fastidious divers comprise the only penguin population currently increasing both in size and domain


The gentoo penguin has a circumpolar distribution, breeding on sub-Antarctic Islands and the Antarctic peninsula .Two subspecies of the gentoo penguin are recognised : Pygoscelis papua papua breeds mainly on the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, Kerugulen, Heard, Macquarie and Staten Islands, while Pygoscelis papua ellsworthi breeds on the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Island, South ...


How about summarizing some of the most interesting and rarely known gentoo penguin facts such as gentoo penguins habitat, diet, breeding, and predators. The gentoo penguins are simply characterized by the broad white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head.


Identification: Gentoo Penguins are characterised by a white patch around and behind the eye that joins on the crown. The orange-red lower mandible is also a distinct feature.


The gentoo penguin is a medium-sized species of penguin that is found on the rocky islands of the sub-Antarctic Ocean. Gentoo penguins are most easily distinguished by the white "bonnet-like" marking across the top of their heads, and are most closely...


This is the most northern penguin of this genus and also, in many other respects, the odd one out. In contrast to Chinstrap and Adelie penguins, for example, some Gentoo penguins can be found around their breeding colonies all year round and they forage much closer inshore than the other two Pygoscelis species.


The third largest and the fastest swimming of the penguin species the Gentoo penguin inhabits the rocky outlying islands of Antarctica. These penguins are distinguished by the white stripe above their eyes. You can find our Gentoo penguins in Helzberg Penguin Plaza.

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Gentoo Penguins - Pygoscelis papua The most northerly of the Antarctic penguins, Gentoos are one of the most laid back, while they do have their noisy moments, particularly at nest building time, they are no where near as aggressive and raucous as Adélies and chinstraps for instance.