Some of the most famous geneticists in the world include Andrew Conrad, Alfred Sturtevant, Dean Hamer, Alfred Kühn, David Suzuki, Gabriel Dover, Craig Venter, Calvin Bridges, George M. Church, Francisco J. Ayala, Francis... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

The Punnett square was invented by and named after British geneticist Reginald Punnett. It is a tool used by geneticists to determine the probability of a specific genotype, or trait, in offspring. More » History Inventions

Some different types of doctors include audiologist, allergist, cardiologist, gynecologist and infectious disease specialist. Some other types of doctors are medical geneticist, neurologist and orthopedic surgeon. More » Business & Finance Careers
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The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency publishes The World Factbook online, which is a compilation of information about every country in the world. Facts included for each country include the country’s history, people, eco... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Once standard fantasy in the world of science fiction, invisibility cloaks are viable products as of 2014. There are three types of invisibility cloaks. The first uses carbon nanotube, another uses metamaterials, and the... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Scientist David Suzuki's advocacy via radio, television and print media has raised awareness around the world about the dangers of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon emissions, said the David Suzuki Fou... More » Science Environmental Science

Talking dictionaries are available at stores including Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and Assistech. Varieties of talking dictionaries include a children's talking dictionary, the Merriam-Webster speaking collegiate dictiona... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books