A pedigree chart is a diagram that shows inherited genetic traits for generations of a family. Researchers read the data in order to determine relationships between dominant or recessive traits for individuals on the cha... More »

Common items that show on a pedigree chart are name, date of birth, sex, genetic information and ancestors. People use pedigree templates for humans and animal husbandry. The charts typically include four or five generat... More »

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A pedigree chart is a standard genealogical form that typically provides space for information about four generations, while a family tree can be any type of diagram indicating ancestral relationships. Family trees may b... More »

To fill out a pedigree chart, write all of the family names in the natural order, beginning with the first, followed by the middle (initial) and surname. Identify all female ancestors using their maiden names, and includ... More »

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To create a pedigree chart, you need to collect all information about your relatives and ancestors. The chart shows how traits are inherited by members of a particular family. The data collected should be accurate to com... More »

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A cousin chart describes the lineage between two cousins within the same side of a family based on the closest shared ancestor. Also known as a table of consanguinity, cousin charts explain the generations, or degrees of... More »

The pedigree diagram for Down syndrome typically lists three generations of family and shows any family members with the disease or indicators of it. Down syndrome is caused by an additional copy of the 21st chromosome. More »