Most clerical skills can be classified under "office skills," such as phone line operation and typing. General office skills form the basis for clerical skills. More » Business & Finance Careers

Some online resources for taking a free office skills assessment test include,,, and provides online demonstration tests, which are brie... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Good examples of general partnership can be a law firm, architectural firm and medical practice. A general partnership is a form of business where two or more people come together to do business for a profit. Each partne... More »

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One resource for practicing typing skills is, which offers a number of exercises for assessing and improving typing ability. After each exercise, the website reveals the user statistics, such as words typ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

Many websites, including and, offer free tests to practice your 10-key typing skills. Available tests vary from covering numbers only to covering both numbers and symbols; beginn... More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

For adults, 40 words per minute (wpm) is considered to be an average speed for typing. If you are applying for a clerical job, you sometimes see a minimum typing speed requirement for the position, so it is important to ... More » Business & Finance Careers

Theater nurses work with the preoperative team in a hospital operating theater and in operation recovery areas. They are highly specialized nurses. During the anaesthetic phase of surgery, the theater nurse provides holi... More » Business & Finance Careers