Most clerical skills can be classified under "office skills," such as phone line operation and typing. General office skills form the basis for clerical skills. More » Business & Finance Careers

Some online resources for taking a free office skills assessment test include,,, and provides online demonstration tests, which are brie... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Good examples of general partnership can be a law firm, architectural firm and medical practice. A general partnership is a form of business where two or more people come together to do business for a profit. Each partne... More »

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Numerous sites offer skills assessments quizzes to test clerical and office skills. In addition, various staffing agencies and companies test job candidates on their skill levels and can provide testing results upon comp... More » Business & Finance Careers

Clerical officers perform administrative and clerical duties. They will perform tasks such as typing, computer work, mail and filing. They are usually office based but may attend meetings in other locations. More » Business & Finance Careers

No matter the industry, clerical jobs usually include duties such as answering phone calls, taking messages and greeting visitors. In addition, typing, filing, sorting and distributing mail, handling office documents and... More » Business & Finance Careers

Human resources generalists typically serve as go-betweens for workers and management, relaying information between the two groups and ensuring smooth operation of a business. These business professionals help companies ... More » Business & Finance Careers