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"General Hospital" is filmed in several locations, including the ABC Television Center. The studio is located in Los Angeles, California.


Full episodes of "General Hospital" are available online on Hulu.com as of 2015. The site offers both free episodes and episodes available with a Hulu subscription. Viewers living in certain locations who receive TV service through a participating provider can also stre...


View "General Hospital" comings and goings by visiting the television show's website on ABC.Go.com. From the home page, navigate to the Shows menu on the top right and select "General Hospital." On the show's main page, select News. ABC posts all show-related news on th...


Watch "General Hospital" episodes for free by visiting the WATCH ABC live stream service. Viewers with a TV provider, such as DIRECTV or Verizon FIOS, may watch shows live, and those with no provider must wait one week after each episode airs to watch it for free.


Find the latest "General Hospital" happenings by visiting GeneralHospitalHappenings.com or on one of the various soap opera news sites such as SoapZone.com or SoapCentral.com. This website provides not only recent news but also spoilers and rumors for future episodes. F...


Some characters that have died on the soap opera "General Hospital," as of 2015, include Stone Cates, Stefan Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine. Other notable character deaths include Georgie Jones and Jake Morgan.


Around 30 million viewers tuned in to watch "General Hospital" on November 16, 1981, to see the wedding of Laura Baldwin and Luke Spencer. More viewers watched the episode than any other daytime soap opera episode before or since.