Collagen is the main ingredient in gelatin. Collagen is a protein that is prevalent throughout the bodies of many animals, including humans, in the bones, tendons, skin and connective tissues. Collagen in gelatin can com... More » Food Cooking

The processed protein known as gelatin is made from animal bones, skin, tendons and ligaments. Kosher gelatin is made from fish bones. Agar agar is derived from seaweed and is occasionally marketed as vegetarian gelatin. More » Food Food Facts

Gelatin may contain pork. Pork and beef are both common ingredients in gelatin. In order to determine which has been used, the ingredient list should be consulted. More »

Carolyn's gelatin cheesecake, five minute Jell-O salad and fruited gelatin and cottage cheese are some simple recipes that use Jell-O and cottage cheese. These recipes are available on, More »

One low-calorie marshmallow creme recipe uses 5 tablespoons of Splenda sugar substitute; three envelopes of prepared, cooled unflavored gelatin; three egg whites; 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 3/4 cup of boiling wat... More » Food Cooking

Sugar paste for decorating cakes is made from glucose syrup, glycerin, gelatin, water and powdered sugar. It can be colored using specialized dyes; regular food coloring tends to ruin the texture of the finished product. More » Food Cooking

A seven-layer Jell-O salad can be made with any brand of fruit-flavored gelatin, not just Jell-O, and evaporated milk. This recipe must be made in advance, as it takes over six hours to prepare properly. This seven-layer... More » Food Cooking