Gasoline storage tanks are containers specially constructed for storing or transporting gasoline. For fire safety and environmental protection, gasoline storage tanks are covered by numerous codes, standards and regulati... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

If gasoline is not stored properly, it is very dangerous due to its high flammability. Gasoline should always be stored in approved containers, and kept in a cool building separate from the home. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Loomis Tank Centers and Plastic-Mart are some of the places to buy a home water storage tank online as of 2015. These sites provide a wide range of home water storage tanks as well as related accessories. More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Some storage containers for batteries are small and designed to fit only four to eight batteries at a time, and they are designated by their size to accommodate different singular types of batteries. Some units are also ... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Some good storage containers that may be purchased from Lowe's include the Rubbermaid and Sterilite brand containers. In particular, the Rubbermaid 140 Quart ActionPacker Storage Box, Sterilite 27 Quart View Clear Latch ... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Some benefits of using wooden storage containers are that they are strong, usually last a very long time and can be placed on top of each other to save space. Plus, wooden containers are much better for the environment t... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Because heavy duty containers are larger and more durable than ordinary ones, they are designed for long-term storage of all types of equipment. These containers are applicable for home storage, or they may be filled wit... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage